A Guide to Effectively Communicating With Your San Ramon Tenants - Article Banner

As a landlord, you need a plan for communicating effectively with your San Ramon tenants. If you’re working with a professional management company, this will be less of a concern. You’ll count on your management team to take care of working with your residents. However, if you’re managing on your own, be prepared for proactive and transparent communication. Tenants will need you to be available, responsive, and easily accessible. 

Set Tenants Up for Success: Share Your Expectations

Good communication should start before the lease does. During the marketing and showing process, make sure your prospective tenants understand that you care about the property and the process of managing it. Then, when they become tenants, it’s time to establish and define the expectations and responsibilities of your lease agreement. 

Use this opportunity to demonstrate that you’re open to questions and willing to listen to any concerns your tenants might have. 

The goal is to ensure your tenants understand their rights and responsibilities and also that they feel comfortable talking with you openly about what will have to happen for everyone to enjoy a pleasant rental experience. 

This creates a sense of security for tenants. They won’t have to worry about calling you or reporting a maintenance issue. It can give you some peace of mind too, as the owner, because you’ll have no reason to believe your tenants won’t follow the terms of the lease agreement. 

Further your communication efforts with supporting documentation. You can provide a bulleted list of what you discussed after your conversation. You can leave them with a written or digital handbook, or you can share some videos that explain anything you talked about. This will give them an easy point of reference if they have questions later on. 

Communicate In Person and Online

Invest in technology, because tenants may prefer texting to phone calls and FaceTime videos to in-person meetings. You can do this while keeping your communication personal. 

After more than a year of pandemic business handling, face-to-face communication will likely be slow in returning. Tenants and owners have embraced the idea that just about everything can be done virtually, from showings to rental payments to maintenance requests. It’s a good idea to keep that trend moving; give tenants the opportunity to communicate with you via text, email, and even on social media channels. 

Tenant Communication Improves Your ROI

man holding a tablet. with calculator and graphs Tenants expect and need communication that’s clear, accurate, and responsive. If you ignore calls and messages from your tenants, you’re going to lose them. It’s important that you’re responsive to their needs, whether it’s a maintenance request or a simple question about how to deal with the utility companies. This helps you avoid turnover and vacancy costs. It increases your ROI. 

When you keep in touch with residents, you’re letting them know that you care about their rental experience. They shouldn’t only hear from you when rent is late or when you’re trying to schedule an inspection. Here are some easy tips that will help with tenant communication and retention: 

  • Thank them every time they pay on time. 
  • Communicate your appreciation that they’re taking good care of the property. 
  • Check in once in a while to see if there’s anything they need. 

Make good tenant communication a priority. If you don’t have the time, or you’re uncomfortable reaching out to your residents, a San Ramon property management partner might be your best solution. We can help. Contact us at California Pacific Realty.